Atrium LDN

About Us

Atrium LDN was founded in 2012 by James Coleman and Michael Walsh, both experienced construction professionals from very different backgrounds. James is of a professional background, being a RICS qualified Quantity Surveyor and Michael having worked his way up through the trades to at peak employing over 50 operatives to deliver subcontract works.

They realised the component parts of their talents combined would make a company with more knowledge and ability such that the service they could provide would be greater for the client, the user and themselves.

It was on this basis that Atrium developed over the coming years working in most lines of construction, with the primary focus being on commercial fit out. In the last few years the variety of works has broadened to meet client and market requirement to smaller new build and heavy refurbishment projects.

With the coming of the pandemic James and Michael realised that a new normal was developing and the current business model would need to evolve to meet the requirements of the post 2020 world. To this end they invited Stuart Johnstone with 30 years experience of working for main contractors, subcontractors, developers, modular manufacturers and consultants to join the business as a partner to look at larger and more diverse opportunities.

With Stuart’s experience of working on projects up to the value of £1.6bn, James and Michael’s high quality, delivery experience a new Atrium was formed.


Atrium can proudly state that they have never been involved in an adjudication, mediation or dispute.

We work on a collaborative, non-adversarial basis taking consideration of the fact that the construction industry in the most part produces a bespoke never built before product near enough every project (whether this should be the case is a different conversation), which requires many different professions, skill sets, people to realise the end product. We believe that construction is the largest team game in the world, as no one party can do this by themselves. So as they say “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”.

We look to modularise as much of the build as possible to reduce programme, resource on site, deliveries and risk. We have in house modular experience (volumetric, bathroom pods, panelised systems) and have set up our sister company Atrium Eco to deliver Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) structures to start to realise our vision for a greener and more productive industry.